Jyj meet tvxq

Schedules above are subject to change without prior notice. I just so love Chang Min and Yun Ho. Keep it up! Always Keep the Faith. They are coming to the UK yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy does anyone know where I would be able to get tickets from when they come out???? Right now, there are no exact details about their US tour since they have not completed their Asia tour legs. Please stay tuned through our Facebook page for future updates. The reason is these two groups have split for more than two years and have names for themselves.

I see no reason to force them into a group anymore. Each member has matured over the years singing their own form of songs and acting and I fear that if we force them to unite the whole band might break permanently. Cassiopeia fans it is better to have half a loaf of bread than to have none. So when they go to the army? Will Yunho and Changmin participate in a-nation this year?

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And when will the schedule be released? There is no news regarding their attendance on a-nation this year just yet. Check back this schedule page next time! This schedule helps me a lot.

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Keep it up. TVXQ fighting! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. WE News! P Vol. This page was last modified on November 6, Like this: Like Loading Granted and kindly repost with full credits intact while linking back to this schedule page. Catch Me come to jakarta??? Hi Shedar. The members will enlist in but there are no actual dates as of now.

Hi MarshallCross, There is no news regarding their attendance on a-nation this year just yet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required.Their group name is taken from the initial letters of each member's names.

The three-member group was announced in April by Rhythm Zonea sub-label of Avex. They also held two special concert performances in South Korea. The album soldcopies within 3 days of being released and reachedcopies sales in October according to Gaon Chart. The footage was filmed from late December to Februaryfollowing each individual member's lives for a number of days. Some scenes included: a birthday party, a snowboarding venture, the rehearsal for a musical, and behind-the-scenes look of one of JYJ's fanmeets for their endorsements.

The " JYJ Membership Week" was put together specifically as a gift for their fans, and fully funded by the members themselves in spite of numerous sponsorship offers.

The membership week included photographic and video-based exhibitions of the group, theatre screenings of The Day as well as two sets of fan meetings that invited over 15, Korean fans and 7, Japanese fans.

In AugustJYJ released Mahaloa premiere collection photobook with over pages taken during their trip to Hawaii in December On 25 FebruaryJYJ performed a medley of hit songs from the '90s as well as their own songs at the 18th South Korean Presidential Inauguration Ceremony for the country's first female president Park Geun-hyein front of an audience of 70, people.

As alltickets were sold out, footage was released to theatres across Japan in order to accommodate fans unable to obtain tickets for the concerts.

In July the band released their first studio album in three years, Just Us. The band reached the music charts with the song, "Back Seat". On April 23,it was announced Yoochun's contract with C-JeS would be terminated after he tested positive with drugs, and he would retire from the industry.

In mid, JaejoongYoochun and Junsu then-members of group TVXQ filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainmentarguing that the year length and structure of their exclusive contracts as well as the terms of profit distribution were unilaterally disadvantageous towards the artists and should be invalidated.

The Seoul Central District Court in October ruled in their favor affirming their right to independently engage in entertainment activities and granted them injunction suspending the SM contracts; its ruling emphatically pointed out it was a "subjugating contract" with terms that are grossly incompatible with Korean labor and contract law.

JYJ then filed an injunction to terminate their exclusive contract with Avex. On 28 Novemberduring a voluntary arbitration at the Seoul Central District Court, SM Entertainment and JYJ reached a mutual agreement to terminate all contracts between the two parties and not to interfere with each other's activities in the future.

This concluded the three years and four months long exclusive contract lawsuit in Korea.

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In addition, JYJ held charity concerts for 80, fans on 15 and 16 October at the Hitachi Kaihin Park in Ibaraki, a region badly damaged by the natural disasters.

They used their widespread popularity in Asia to help publicize the charity soccer match, in which JYJ's Kim Junsua soccer enthusiast and captain of the South Korean entertainers soccer club "FC Men" also played in. JYJ later participated in the one-day soccer clinic with young Vietnamese athletes and 15 other star Korean and Japanese footballers.

Tvxq vs JYJ who's side do you choose?

Proceeds from the charity match were donated to help sport development and support youth players in Vietnam as the JS foundation is seeking to expand its youth football development program and support cultural exchanges for football players around Asia.

In JulyJYJ fans broke the record for rice wreath donations, donating 6. The mango trees symbolize hope and provide food and a sheltered meeting spot which can serve as classrooms for children. The group participated in producing a music video for the Asian Games and took on international promotional activities in October and November.

JYJ reveals their thoughts on TVXQ

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. JYJ at the Asian Games opening ceremony. From left to right: JunsuJaejoongand Yoochun former.

Main article: JYJ discography.They asserted that the fact that they were walking separate paths did not mean that they were apart from the group. Many fans have different views, but none of them are completely accurate. TVXQ was at the top when all five members were together, and we are still extremely proud of it.

I hope they continue promotions that fit the greatness of the name. The three members continued to talk about their activities and promotions since they left SM Entertainment. Our rejected visa in America was our biggest shock, but there were many other shocking turns like that. We were scared and uncomfortable, but we decided to stick together.

The three members were asked if they regretted leaving SM Entertainment at all. The three boys were adamant that they did not regret their decision at all. There are lots of aspects that got better. The three will be putting out the concert live album next year, and they also have hopes to put out a second world wide album. Their album will come out in January in the states, and they are also planning a Europe Tour.

They are also planning to meet their Japanese fans as soon as possible as well, and their agent confirmed that things were working well. Seems like the JYJ boys are content where they are. Will you be supporting all five TVXQ members as they promote their activities? Thanks to all those who let us know of the mistake, we will ensure the same problems do not happen again. I love that you all let nothing hold you back. If you like the present TVXQ good for you. If you hate JYJ go ahead and hate someone who has done nothing to you.

jyj meet tvxq

Like a hateful person. When you know nothing about the past of TVXQ. Anyone can make stuff up on the internet. Even TVXQ said a lot of rumors have been going around. When they were talking about the split. So please shut up unless you actually knew TVXQ personally. You are a person who believes anything that is said or seen by a person or on the internet. Are they ever feel how did the 2 of them feel? How curious Yunho and changmin, cz they were underpressure by the fans which became their haters.

Is that all about money which made the three separated theyself? Does they dont think about the fans which always compare both of the stands?Their name changes depending on which market they are promoting in, but the meaning remains the same. Each syllable is contained in one syllabic block.

Park Yoochun enlisted to serve South Korean military service on 27 th of August Kim Junsu recently finished musical Death Note and will on October 19 release an album and subsequently hold a tour. This is difficult to know because they could easily be meeting in secret and fans would never know. There was no visible tension between them. This would be even harder to confirm than the one above. Park Yoochun moved out first, and went to live with his mother and brother. It was probably not in interest of either parties to drag on the lawsuit but to be able to continue with their work.

They are still doing really well, are really popular and they seem to be on great terms with each other. They are technically not banned. However, the most probable way SM is doing it is by threating to pull their own bands and they have many highly popular ones from performing if JYJ does.

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Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun smoke. Kim Junsu does not. Also, apparently, his religion discourages things like smoking as well. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Where is JYJ now? See the above. Do JYJ live together? Did JYJ win lawsuit? Why is JYJ banned from music shows? Why JYJ cannot appear on tv? Does JYJ smoke? Share this:. Like this: Like Loading Comment here Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:. Email Address never made public. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.In a recent interview with Yeonhap News, the singer was able to reveal his thoughts about his current activities in the entertainment industry.

When asked " How far can your talents reach? It would be good if I could try everything at once, but since that's difficult to achieve, I want to slowly develop myself in each field, one by one. I want to excel in all four fields. The experience led him to fully understand how difficult it is to be active in both singing and acting at the same time.

Since I had no time to travel back up to Seoul, the dance team came to me and we practiced during my breaks. It was really difficult. I needed to learn the dance for a new song in just two days. That's why I barely had confidence when I stood up on stage for the showcase. I don't even know how I got through with it all. If I ever have clashing schedules like that again, I don't think I could do it. I think I really need to manage my schedules well. Even now, the member claims that he does not feel as free as before.

However, in the end I think this was for the better. I have absolutely no regrets with my current situation. I may still get stress and worry a lot, but right now I am happy in my state of desire for what I want to do. During our album production, I was truly able to feel why Kanye West is a worldwide star, and thought how much effort he must put into his work when no one is watching. Meanwhile, Rodney Jerkins did not seem like an American.

He definitely has an oriental mindset, and he is well aware of what he's good at, and what his strong points are. Although they were all advertisements that they had to pay for themselves, it is still not an easy task to achieve nevertheless. It's a magazine I always bought when I was in America, but to see us on there, and to see our picture on the homepage of their site made me really happy and warm inside.

I will put in all my effort with an enthusiastic and thankful mindset. The people who vehemently claim this is an incorrect translation are citing two different translated articles by two different fansites. So while you guys scream at us to "check our sources", maybe it's you who should look in the mirror and check the sources of the articles yourselves?

Look, it's okay to be upset or concerned, but before you jump on the hate bandwagon, please read through the article and think instead of just saying idiotic things disparaging allkpop and spamming our inbox with hate mail.

Log in to comment. Night Mode. Posted by 5 pts Saturday, November 13, Share this article. Are celebrities more likely to fall ill?

jyj meet tvxq

Jessi reveals her secret to perfectly toned hips on 'Knowing Brothers'. BTS V has now become the first and only Asian solo act in the history to achieve 1 and 2 songs with 89 1 in itunes. BTS V fans and fanbase continue to donate to several organizations to help others.Tribute to TVXQ!

TVXQ approached their 15th anniversary. Their debut saved and shaped the idol industry Here is some recognition from idols, celebrities, producers, experts, CEOs etc. The songs were mostly based on one vocal member, and the rest were focused on rapping and dancing. But recently, idol groups are simply 'evolving' as all their members have basic vocal skills and are capable of writing lyrics and composing. The team that changed the concept of idol groups greatly is TVXQ.

I saw Xiah Junsu hyung singing live. He puts his soul into it. And it looked so good that he sang with so much passion and love. As a viewer you could see all that. As a person who was growing dreams to become a singer, I felt attracted to him as a dongsaeng. I tried talking to him a couple of times but it was. Bigbang and TVXQ They seem like a group that might get along but not really. Xiah Junsu hyung, singing with so much passion and he was an inspiration to me who was dreaming to become a singer.

Because getting to know hyungs makes Bigbang and have Seungri in Bigbang. From now on I will try harder to show better and better products. Seungri wearing P. This is why we are confident We all like TVXQ and want to make friends with them. TVXQ is our respected sunbae.Posted by Laken.

At the age of 16 he moved, by himself, to Seoul so he could take part in the auditions held by SM Entertainment. Jaejoong made his debut as Youngwoong Jaejoong. A fortune teller had foretold his name years before. Jaejoong also chose the name because he wanted to be the hero of the music industry. He was ordered to take a breath test and his level of alcohol was revealed to be 0. After spending 20 minutes at the police station, he was released.

Due to violating traffic laws, Jaejoong was temporarily suspended from all TVXQ activities and had his license taken away for days. More Info. U-Know Yunho. He debuted as U-Know Yunho. Yunho stole his spot in TVXQ through a dance competition that he won first place in.

He gained some experience in the field by being a rapper and back-up dancer for Kpop singer Dana who no longer does solos but is a member in The Grace.

Yunho is one of the 2 members still in TVXQ after they split. The anti-fan put super glue in the drink. Yoochun was the last member to join DBSK. He was born in South Korea but lived in Fairfax, Virginia in America for several years with his parents. He moved when he was only in the sixth grade. Because he lived in America for quite a while his English is pretty good. He moved back to Korea in 2OO3. Yoochun won first place in a contest with Brothers Entertainment — which resulted in a guaranteed contract with SM Entertainment.

Prior to his debut, he trained at SM Academy for a year. Junsu was the first member to join TVXQ. When he was still a young boy, he enjoyed and loved singing in church.

He won first place in a televised talent search by SM. He was actually scheduled to debut with another group earlier but he had vocal problems and was unable to.

His stage name, Xiah, he chose for himself. He chose that name because he wanted to become a star all throughout the continent. The group had labeled him as an innocent and bright boy.

But while on stage he changes and performs with great charisma! One of his dreams is to have his writing published as a book. A motivation of his in his singing career comes from his mother who had an unachieved dream of becoming a star herself. He had a kissing scene in a musical he was in. Changmin is the youngest member of TVXQ. He was also the 4th member to join the group.

jyj meet tvxq

Like the others, he secured his spot by winning first place in a contest. The judges were wowed by his powerful voice.


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